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Welcome to the Plumhead Mutations website. This site should help people understand the differences between the colours in Plumheads, as some are similar.

I am currently trying to breed pied combinations, and Plumheads with more red on them with the use of opaline. In the future I hope to obtain some blue Plumheads however the price is high.

If you have any questions please e-mail or call, I will always reply.

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Please call or email me and I'll be happy to help in any way I can with your Plumhead Mutation.

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Pied moustached

This is a proberly a pied mutation due to the clarity off the feather colours (library picture).

Added: 19/05/2016
Clearhead moustached

This mutation is also a fallow however a clearhead fallow. Very similar to ringnecks. If crossed with blue it would make a stunning mutation (library picture).

Added: 19/05/2016
fallow moustached

fallow moustached 2014 bird, this mutation is more off a dun fallow mutation and is recessive.

Added: 23/01/2016
greygreen cinnamon male

a breeding bird of mine. the cinnamon lightens the bird to enhance the colours.

Added: 16/11/2015
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