About Plumhead Mutation

I have been interested in birds since the age of 6, my farther used to keep Australian parakeets and this started my passion for keeping birds.

My collection started when I was 25 when I brought my first house, this consisted of parrotlets and lovebirds. These birds mainly came from bird shows in England then I started to travel to Europe.

Here I also went to peoples house including JJ Postema and J Bastiaan, there collections were outstanding and showed me where I could go .I brought some split Lutino Plumheads and it started from there.

Now I have kept Plumheads for around 8 years and currently have most of the primary colours you can keep along with combinations of the colours.

Most of my pairs are bred in aviaries although some people do have success with cage breeding.

Plumheads don't need large aviaries to breed, 6 foot long flights will do as the young can smash themselves against the wire when they first come out of the nest box. They also like to be in earshot of each other as in the wild they live in groups.

This site should help people understand the differences between the colours in Plumheads, as some are similar.

I am currently trying to breed pied combinations, and Plumheads with more red on them with the use of opaline. In the future I hope to obtain some blue Plumheads however the price is high.

If you have any questions please e-mail or call, I will always reply.

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