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greygreen male

breeding greygreen male of mine

Added: 16/11/2015


pair of cinnamon

cinnamon in the plumhead in not the most stunning of colours but does work well to clean up birds and all can make some intrested colours. females seem to be lighter than males. cinnamon is sexlinked.

Added: 15/11/2015

No birds available at the moment in this category.

No birds available at the moment in this category.


Yellow Pastle Male

Yellow Pastle Male. this is a good example and males seem to be a cleaner yellow than females. the pair on the home page are a pair of yellow pastles.

Added: 14/09/2015
yellow pastle

yellow pastle hen, not as bright as the males. if cinnamon is bred through the bird then this would clean it up to look similar to the males.

Added: 30/03/2015


Opaline Male

This is a good example of a opaline plumhead male. this bird has a lot of red between his back were as most opaline males only have larger red patches.

Added: 14/04/2015


lutino female split male

pair of my birds that should breed this year

Added: 15/11/2015
lutino pair

these are the sexlinked type. male at the front. when he is 2 year old he will start to develop a red head. females seem to have a light pink head. stunning colour

Added: 15/11/2015


aqua blue

this could also be a turquoise mutation. (libary picture)

Added: 16/11/2015
amber blue female

amber blue female with split male. ( libary picture)

Added: 16/11/2015
amber blue male

there seems to be 3 maybe 4 different types of blue. (libary picture)

Added: 16/11/2015
blue male

This bird is recessive.i currentally do not own this mutation. stunning bird

Added: 11/11/2015


Pied Plumhead

Pied Plumhead female, this type is a dominate mutation. when placed with any other bird it will produce 50% pied birds, some will be very yellow. if 2 pieds are placed together then all the birds will be pied but some will be double factors. these double factors wont look any better but these birds are more useful as when bred from all the chicks will be singer factor pieds

Added: 14/09/2015


spangle pied

this is a different type of pied than a dominate or recessive type. (libary picture)

Added: 16/11/2015


grey amber blue

this is a combitation of amber blue and greygreen. turning most of the feather grey. (libary picture)

Added: 16/11/2015

greygreen cinnamon

greygreen cinnamon male

a breeding bird of mine. the cinnamon lightens the bird to enhance the colours.

Added: 16/11/2015

moustached mutations

Pied moustached

This is a proberly a pied mutation due to the clarity off the feather colours (library picture).

Added: 19/05/2016
Clearhead moustached

This mutation is also a fallow however a clearhead fallow. Very similar to ringnecks. If crossed with blue it would make a stunning mutation (library picture).

Added: 19/05/2016
fallow moustached

fallow moustached 2014 bird, this mutation is more off a dun fallow mutation and is recessive.

Added: 23/01/2016

Derbyan mutations

pied derbyan youngster

very yellow youngster from 2014

Added: 15/11/2015
pied derbyans

the pied derbyans are recessive pieds. they produce some birds that are very yellow and i belive it is possible to breed a 100% yellow one day.

Added: 15/11/2015

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